Ecommerce Website Design

User-friendly ecommerce websites giving your customers a seamless online shopping experience

Our ecommerce website platforms are designed with the sole purpose of converting site visitors to customers. Expand your market reach beyond the physical shop and grow your sales countrywide, regionally and globally. Our e-commerce solutions more so in Kenya allow you to grow your client base exponentially by increasing your visibility and reach.

Our mission is to facilitate your dreams and ambitions through the appropriate and effective use of technology. We can offer multiple solutions that will help you connect efficiently with your customers allowing you to sell products directly to customers (B2C) as well as businesses (B2B). You can therefore compete favourably in your industry and expand your market share.

Convenience! is the name of the Game. Make it easy and strain-free for your customers to view products, select, add to cart, pay and have the goods and services delivered to them anywhere in Kenya.

Features of our Ecommerce Website Design

Shopping Experience

While building your ecommerce, we give special focus to user experience – the prospective clients, to ensure ease of shopping and navigation.

Social Media Integration

Social media integration greatly complements an e-commerce website. We shall link and harmonize your social media shop with your website for easy management.

Gift Cards

The art of gifting is inherent in our society. With this feature we make it possible to generate gift cards that can be sent to intended receipients with a custom message. Using the token therein they can purchase any gift of choice equivalent to gift amount.

Related Products

Your online shop will show related products or what other customers bought with an item just added to the cart.

Customer Reviews

Previous buyers reviews & service ratings are key to a quick conversion of a visitor to a decided buyer.

Secure Payment

We shall securely integrate your site to payment options like mobile money e.g. Mpesa, bank transfer, debit and credit cards to ensure checkout convenience.

Responsive Website

Most of your users are reaching you through their mobile devices (phones and tablets). It it therefore a necessity that your ecommerce website design be mobile friendly.

Proactive Security

Security is at the core of everything we do given it’s importance in cyberspace. From SSL certificate (encrypting sensitive credit cards and users credential) to multi-factor authentication, securing admin panels and privacy policy.

Shipping Options

Delivering products to the customer’s doorstep completes the shopping experience. Your ecommerce website will allow clients to choose delivery within Kenya with charges dependant on the distance.

Inventory Management

It’s important to know what’s in your store and what’s running out. AGL experts will configure your shop to notify you of low product stock.

Return Policy

Customers are more willing to make a purchase online if they know they can return a product, especially if it does not meet their expectations. The terms are captured in this section.

Special Offers

We’re all a little exited when we see offers and promotions. AGL designs your ecommerce shop to run promotions or offers with configurable options to schedule for days, specific product categories or simply applying a discount coupon codes.

Wish-list Shopping

The Ecommerce store allows your visitors to add to wish list items they want to buy in the near future. Therefore, no need to scratch their heads trying to remember if they saved a screenshot of what they liked thus improves your customer retention.

Why Choose our Ecommerce Website

Simple and customized to your specifications

We follow our client’s brief to the latter and offer expert advice to ensure that the end product and it’s features are satisfactory.

Customer support

AGL shall be with you from the development phase and after going live. We shall then offer maintenance and technical support for any adjustments you may need during the initial stages.

Value for your money

AGL pricing is competitive deriving the most value out of the agreed budget for your ecommerce website.

Free Post-Launch Maintenance

We believe in shared growth and value to our customers. AGL team will therefore offer technical support at no extra cost for the first 6 months as you learn the ropes of the online environment. Our teams shall always work together to ensure you are empowered to effectively grow your business independently.


Ecommerce Frequently Asked Questions

Ecommerce website are designed mostly for businesses selling products or items that are visible. If your business suits this category then you need this .

There are different options. First, We input all your payment details before check out. including payment on delivery. However, if you need the payment integration then it can be done at an extra cost

We do not just design your website. After the project is concluded, our team conducts extensive training to selected staff at no extra costs. After this is done, you will be updating the ecommerce shop on any new products or remove any obsolete item, at a fair price we can also update on your behalf

There is a lot of details that go into developing a functional and appealing ecommerce website. Asher Group Ltd promises value for money and therefore at starting from Ksh 58,000 (VAT Inclusive) you will get a beautiful dynamic online store.

But there is more: Within the same amount, we offer one-year free website hosting and your domain name.

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