Management Software Systems

Automate your Processes with Tailor-Made Systems

Asher Group Ltd offers a variety of management systems customized to fit your different business needs in Kenya and globally

At Asher Group we understand that success in custom management systems comes through clearly defined steps. Analysis and specification, a well-established development process, expert management, effective communication, as well as full-cycle quality assurance.

Detailed requirements analysis and a comprehensive specification are the basis for the success of the whole software development project. First we ensure we understand your requirements. We then proceed to design a system that will serve your unique needs to meet your efficiency or sales objectives.

Generally, AGL offers a wide range of software solutions tailored for different businesses across multiple industries. Systems suitable for banking, hospitality, insurance, manufacturing, healthcare, transport and retail businesses.

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Micro-finance/Sacco Management System

Systems designed for SACCOs and Microfinance Institutions. 

A web-based solution designed to automate the SACCO operations. From Registration of members, loans management, Financial management, risk and security management and reporting.

The System Integrates with a Mobile App and Bulk SMS alongside Mobile Money Payments

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Mobile Application Development

AGL team develops mobile apps for your users to easily access their account status, limits and statements. 

We use technology to dramatically reduce the cost of delivering financial services in emerging markets.

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Point of Sale (POS System)

In your retail store, warehouse or any business that involves product coming in and going out of your premise. 

Manage inventory by this POS system. Easy Cash reconciliations and inventory management

Automate your process thus reduce errors and manage your stock

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Parcel Management System

Easy tracking of your clients parcels from when it is received, paid for, sent and delivered. 

Build trust with your customers by sending important SMS notifications on the parcel delivery status.

Give more confidence to online businesses delivering country wide.

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Payroll Management System

Software Solutions for all employers seeking to compute employees’ payment (salaries, overtime, benefits, allowances and deductions) for easy tax filing. 

Report generation, printing payslips and P9 forms for your employees.

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Bulk SMS Systems

Efficient management of communication to both your customers and suppliers. Our Smart and intuitive Bulk SMS solution allows you to send customized SMS to multiple recipients simultaneously. 

Due to the high mobile penetration and usage levels in Kenya,  Bulk SMS marketing is a very effective tool in advertising and communication.

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Why Our Software Systems


Secure Software Systems

We prioritize client information confidentiality. AGL ensures robust firewall features are inculcated in the development phase to reduce the risk of security breaches that may compromise your users’ confidential information.

Security is key to the management systems we develop for our clients. This is because most of the systems involve monetary transactions.

Seasoned Software Personnel

AGL team have built experience developing similar applications and management systems for our clients.

We therefore are better placed to offer some advice and recommendations on how to customize your software application to meet your objectives while ensuring customer satisfaction.

Interactive User Interface

While the development process is technical, AGL will not burden your customers and hinder their enjoyment of your services. The front end of the management software solutions provided will be tweaked to be visually appealing and easy to use.

Clients will enjoy smooth transition between tabs and when initiating purchase or application requests.

Free Post-Launch Maintenance

We know it may take some time to learn the ropes of the solutions provided as well as deal with technical hitches after roll out.

This is why we offer a FREE six-months comprehensive maintenance package as standard on all our Management systems.

Manual Systems can be Exhaustive and Prone to Human Errors…

Let’s Automate your Processes