Digital Marketing in Kenya

Every Business needs Digital Marketing, we’re no longer in the billboards and referrals era.

You, like many other businesses, are struggling to understand digital marketing and whether it will work for you. you are also wondering why your current social media efforts are not yielding desired results. What you are not being told is that you are currently utilizing a very small percentage of the digital marketing space.

This is what we mean. Your audience is on all platforms. They are versatile and sometimes unconventional. For you to generate maximum value from your online efforts, you need to follow your audience wherever they go. Today most users are online and the number rises by the day. They either use social media platforms or get their information on search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Economic challenges occasioned by the current pandemic have forced businesses to rethink their business models and how they can remain competitive in the long run. While it is clear, you will need to be thinking about your digital marketing plans, the most important question you need to know, is what type of digital marketing service works for your business.

Asher Group Limited , A digital marketing agency in Kenya, will help you work on the best solutions for your business. Hence helping your online brand growth and generate sustainable sales.

Our Digital Marketing Solutions

Google Ads, Pay Per Click (PPC)

Through our expertise, we shall optimize your advertising resources through online advertising to generate traffic and revenue to your website/online shop.

Social Media Advertising

We help you manage your digital assets through engaging posts and consistent content plans. We also help you help you monetize your platforms and advertise efficiently.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We work with you to improve your website performance and ranking on search engines. The team works to ensure enjoyable user experience, increased leads and improved sales.

Website Design/Ecommerce Solutions

Asher Group has extensive experience in website design. We custom make websites that bring your online dreams to life, we design with precision what you've


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Customer Obsession

While we guarantee value for your money, AGL team works around the clock to ensure projects are delivered on time, to the client’s expectations and most importantly, that the digital solutions help the business stand out in the online space.

Its a Partnership

We walk with all our clients from the start and help them maneuver the online space to avoid rookie mistakes with limited resources. Once we start our engagement, we shall stand by you till the end.

Value Value Value

Our solutions are customized to meet your unique business needs. We endeavor to understand your needs and learn your audience. This therefore ensures effective utilization of your resources to meet your objectives and stay ahead of the competition.

Cost Efficiency

Our prices are competitive and have been market validated to guarantee we derive the most value out of your budget.

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