Social Media Management

Reach a wide audience with our digital Marketing solutions

For both organic and paid Traffic

We focus on the following main social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

The increase in number of users on social media platforms informs businesses to focus part of their online brand on these platforms.

Social Media is a powerful tool to not only grow your sales and brand but also direct and grow traffic to your website. Having a social media page is not enough neither is paying for ads. This is where we come in. First, we help you optimize your pages to meet the right audience and ensure better resource utilization.

We offer advanced social media marketing to ensure the money invested on chosen platforms yield positive results for your business.

We know that most people especially in Kenya are shifting their business on social media. So how do you ensure you stay competitive and maintain engagement with your audience? AGL is here for this purpose. We help businesses such as yours utilize their online presence in the most efficient way possible.

Our Social Media Approach

01. Social Media Strategy

Asher Group Ltd ensures that we understand your goals and the objectives you’ve set for your business.

We then work on understanding your audience, product and existing competition. To design the approach to growing your numbers.

Lastly AGL comes up with a customized plan that would fit your audience and generates a better return on your investment.

Remember: Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail.

02. Content Management

Content plan is very key.

Consistency on how we post content on your page. This will help your customers and followers to understand your products and therefore start engaging you.

AGL will work on engaging content about your products and information related to your products. Include graphical images infographics, humor and videos where necessary. Hence keeping the content interesting and easy for followers and potential clients to read.

03. Social Media Marketing

AGL assists in creating adverts that optimize your resources as they meet the intended goal set.

Keeping a balance between audience growth and generating leads or sales.

The advert can work across all platforms or customize each advert to suit the intended audience.

Our focus is your return on investment and your brand growth.

04. Analysis and Reporting

Lastly, Only focusing on advertising (boasting your products on social media) will not get the job done. To grow your brand on social media, monitoring the platforms and testing will help you identify where to utilize your resources and your conversion levels.

Asher Group Team of social media experts will always analyze your social media progress and recommend ways of improvement.

As part of the package, we provide you with a customized monthly report on how your pages are performing to monitor your progress


Social Media Packages Pricing

What to Expect

Social Media Management is anchored in content generation, consistency in user engegement and where need arises deploying promoted content.

Social Media Management Expert

Victoria Atema

Social Media Expert


Customized Content plan


Monthly reporting


Increased user Engagement


Progressive Growth in Sales

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