Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce Website

Give your customers seamless online shopping experience.

Our e-commerce website platforms are designed with the sole purpose of converting prospective visitors to customers. Increase your market beyond the physical shop and grow your sales countrywide, regionally and globally.
Additionally expand your client base with our online shop solutions.

Ecommerce Website Design

Features of Our eCommerce Website Design

Car Track and Fleet Management

Shopping Experience

Great user experience for your clients, ease of shopping and navigation is a priority as we design your online shop.
Bio-metric Clock-in and Time Management

Secure Payment

We securely integrate payment options like mpesa, bank transfer, debit and credit cards to ensure checkout convenience.
Mobile Application Development

Responsive Website

More people access websites on mobile devices (phones and tablets) than PCs, thus the responsive design is key.

Inventory Management

It’s key to know what’s in your stock and what's running out. We therefore configure shop to notify you of low product stock.

Proactive Security

This is at the core; From SSL certificate (to encrypt sensitive data), multi-factor authentication and privacy policy.

Return Policy

Customers are confident buying once they know there is room to return a product that does not meet their expectations.

Social-media integration

Social media integration greatly complements an e-commerce website. We connect it to social media shops

Customer Reviews

Previous buyers reviews & service ratings are key to a quick conversion of a visitor to a decided buyer.

Related Products

Your online shop will show related products or what other customers bought with an item just added to the cart.

Wish-list Shopping

We allow your visitors to add to wishlist items they want to buy in the near future. Therefore, no need to search again for the items and grows your return customer.

Special Offers

We design your shop to run promotions, offers, coupon that you can schedule for days or above a certain amount.

Shipping Options

Shipping an item to the right address is key. Your eCommerce website will allow delivery within the country and shipping to other countries.

Enabling your success with our services.