PCEA St. Andrews Church
PCEA St. Andrews Church Design Asher Group Ltd

PCEA St. Andrews is located at the heart of Nairobi. The church’s purpose is to preach and teach the Gospel of Christ with a vision to mirror Christ all the way.
Project Brief:
AGL was engaged by the Church to design an interactive website that would help increase their reach as they spread God’s message across the nation. They also wanted to keep their congregation up to date with the church’s development and mission work.

After fully understanding the client’s needs, Asher Group Ltd creative team embarked on the development and design of a user-friendly website that would meet the set-out objectives. As standard offering, the basic information about the church and its latest activities can be found on the home page. The website as designed also allows the church to share their messages and updates to the church members in a timely manner. We also integrated audio sermons for virtual listening of weekly proceedings. Continuous engagement with our client has led to more updates and improvements to the site. We recently added payment options for member contributions and have continued this mutual partnership through an ongoing website maintenance plan. The payments and transactions through the website are secured through encryption for client data protection.

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