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Asher Kids Store - Ecommerce Website

Written by Isaac

July 11, 2022

We either sell goods or services.

Let’s talk about Selling goods or products and you have a physical shop where customers come as walk-ins or by referrals; this is naturally constrained to your locality, potential customers who are within the physical location and reach…and that’s that!

How can we change this with an Ecommerce Website and Digital Marketing?

Taking your business online comes with huge gains :

1. Expanding your products reach beyond your physical shop boundaries.

2. Allowing customers to view all your products from the comfort of their homes/offices, check on your prices, and promotions, order, pay online and define the delivery address.

Once you have an e-commerce website designed and running, fully loaded with products or services you’re selling we shift focus to marketing.

Obee Online Shop - Award Wining Electronics Ecommerce Website by Asher Group Ltd
Click on the image to view the website live

First of all, there we have to optimize your website organically coupled with paid advertising like Google Ads, we’ll talk about social media in a minute, basically, this optimization is called SEO; learn more here Search Engine Optimization to create your brand awareness and let the person in the furthest corner of Kenya or your area of service know that “Hey, my business is now online and you can browse and order goods and get them shipped to you’re doorstep”

That’s on the e-commerce website, but there is more…

We then couple the optimization with Social Media Marketing depending on the package you choose we deployed several platforms to create much more awareness, through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tiktok among others, the idea is to take your business where the people are.

To give customers a seamless experience around engaging your business across these platforms and increasing the chances of closing a sale we integrate the e-commerce website with social platforms such that a customer can order a product on your website directly from Instagram and Facebook shop and well as WhatsApp Business Catalogue, that’s not all!

Essentially we design Award Winning Ecommerce Websites. Check out some of the main features we incorporate into your eCommerce websites here Ecommerce Website Features Also, check our pricing for eCommerce and other websites here Website Design Pricing.

Give us a call on 0790 719 999, request a quote here or drop us an email here info@ashergroupltd.com, and we’ll be more than happy to serve you. Let’s open up a world of opportunities for your business together. At Asher Group Ltd, we anchored not on a Transactional Relationship, but on a Partnership for Mutual Business Growth.

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